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Vancouver • New West • Burnaby

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We Specialize in Vancouver Towing

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

If you have locked your keys in your car, have a car that won’t start, a dead battery, flat tire or have run out of gas, we will help you get on your way quickly- any time of day or night!

Scrap Car Removal

We’ll remove your scrap car and deliver it to the auto recycling depot in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland. Don’t leave an unsightly scrap car on your property. Recycle it!

Corporate Accounts

Our elite group of corporate clients are very valued and are growing at a rapid pace as companies in Vancouver discover our reliable and speedy towing service.


Read what our customers have to say about us at Advance Towing Vancouver!
They arrived promptly, operator was skilled and polite, price was very fair, paid with Visa/Square and the receipt was in my Gmail inbox one minute later. Great all around service.

Derek DiFilippo

Advance came when BCAA refused. I needed to get my car out of an icy hole it had slid into on the street.From call to time of arrival was no longer than 10 minutes. The driver was a professional, and helped me to rescue the car.

Bella Bunny

Why Choose Advance Towing

Advance Towing serves Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area with over ten tow trucks. This means we can get to you quickly. We are experienced in towing. We offer flatbed towing, regular towing as well as heavy towing for trucks and buses.

You can rely on Advance Towing for courteous and reliable service.

Towing Service in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Advance Towing provides experienced and reliable towing services throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Whether you need towing or roadside assistance, we offer fast service at affordable rates, with multiple tow trucks servicing the Lower Mainland.

We have built our business on the foundation of providing quality service at affordable prices. Our goal is always to provide the best towing experience for our customers. Whether you need your car towed, a jump start, flat tire replacement or if you have been locked out of your vehicle.

Some of the cities we provide towing services for.

Vancouver – We provide Towing in Vancouver services to all residents in Vancouver. Whether you’re car needs repairs or if you’ve been in an accident and require towing, our team of experienced towing experts will be ready to help.

West Vancouver – we frequently provide towing in West Vancouver and roadside assistance to West Vancouver residents, the Point Grey and UBC areas.

Burnaby – One of our corporate offices is located in Burnaby, where we provide frequent Burnaby towing services to residents in the area. We also offer roadside assistance in Burnaby.

Coquitlam – Many of the vehicles for towing are in Coquitlam. We make sure all our customers, including those in and around Coquitlam, are quickly serviced. We also frequently provide Coquitlam towing services to our customers who reside in Coquitlam.

Richmond – Often, cars break down, and a Towing in Richmond, we are more than happy to help Richmond’s residents with Towing services.

Nearby Towing Service – We provide towing in nearby areas throughout the Lower Mainland and service and provide roadside assistance to nearby areas throughout the Lower Mainland. Our team of tow truck drivers will always prioritize customer service to make sure you’re treated fairly.

The team of tow truck drivers at Advance Towing will assist you with all your towing needs, from flatbed towing, motorcycle towing, and 24-hour emergency towing service.

Roadside Assistance in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

We provide full roadside assistance to our customers throughout the Lower Mainland.

Vehicle Jumpstarts, it’s common to deal with dead batteries in Vancouver, as we never know when our batteries will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, no matter lasts forever, and the general lifespan lasts between 3 to 4 years. If you’re unable to start your car, give Advance Towing a call to jumpstart your vehicle at an affordable price.

Flat Tire, with the amount of construction happening around the city, it’s not uncommon to run over a nail or another sharp object without realizing it and having it deflate your tires before you’re even aware of the issues. If you’re dealing with a flat tire that needs to be replaced, you can contact the team at Advance Towing to replace your Tire with a spare or give you a tow to a nearby auto repair shop.

Auto Lockout – Advance Towing can get your vehicle unlocked and get you back on the road quickly. Our team is skilled at opening vehicles rapidly if you don’t have the latest immobilizer technology installed.

Corporate Towing Services

Corporate towing clients throughout the Lower Mainland trust Advance Towing to provide on-time and reliable towing services. Advance Towing’s willingness to always put our customers first has allowed us to be trusted to provide towing services for some of the largest companies in Lower Mainland, like Canada Post and some of the largest online retailers serving Vancouver.

Heavy Towing in the Lower Mainland and Beyond

Our tow trucks are also equipped to provide heavy towing throughout the lower mainland. We have large towing trucks that can safely tow Semi Trucks, busses, garbage trucks or any other large vehicle. We are experienced in towing large capacity trucks safely.

If you need heavy towing services, our team of experienced heavy-duty tow truck drivers will be able to service you and provide you with the service you need to safely tow your truck and ensure that your truck is towed safely. We provide heavy towing whether your truck has been involved in an accident or if your truck needs repairs. Our team is equipped to help provide you with the towing service you need to ensure you arrive at the destination you need to get your truck repaired.

Advance Towing Vancouver

Specializing in 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance and Towing in Vancouver.

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