Our Tow Trucks

Below is a gallery of our available tow trucks in Vancouver, Burnaby,  North Vancouver and New Westminster

General Light Duty Tow Trucks

General Light Duty Tow Truck

Underground Parking: Able to tow up to a full-sized van or truck.


Medium Duty Tow Trucks

Medium Duty Tow Truck

Able to tow up to a loaded truck.


Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Built to Tow Anything: Able to recover and tow up to several metric tons.

Light Duty Tow Trucks

Light Duty Tow Truck

Full Wrecker with Sling: Able to tow up to a loaded cube or step van.


Flat Bed Tow Trucks

Flat Bed Tow Trucks

Specialized Transport: Flat tow for cars and equipment.